July 24th – The great opening

On 2017 July 24th, our great School of Advanced Science on Smart Cities has begun.

By the morning, we welcomed our attendees to our School, with Alfredo Goldman and Fabio Kon telling them about its context and the whole idea behind it.

Alfredo Goldman, one of the idealizers of the School

Right after, we started our courses, beginning with Mischa Dohler talking about the general concept of the Internet of Things, its potential applications, state-of-the-art and actual struggles in the real life.

As an active member of the worldwide IoT community, Mischa Dohler is frequently a keynote speaker at events like our School

During the afternoon, we had the official opening of our School, with another presentation of Alfredo Goldman and Fabio Kon, discussing a bit about some activities that were going to occur in the next two weeks. Also, a couple of speeches from the president of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and Research Pro-Rector of the University of São Paulo, José Eduardo Krieger, and from the coordinator of the Research, Innovation and Diffusion Center (CEPID), Roberto Marcondes Cesar Junior, reinforced the importance of encouraging and supporting the research activities across Brazil.



Afterward, K. Shankari, a Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley, made a brief introduction about her work with her e-mission project, proposing a collaborative database of several mobile phones’ data about displacement patterns across the city.

In her presentation, K. Shankari presented her idea for her e-mission app about data sharing

Finally, along with the continuation of the Dohler’s course introduction, we had the beginning of Gemma Guilera’s course about entrepreneurship in the context of smart cities, talking about some basic concepts involving all the process of creating new applications using Internet of Things premises into the improvement of a city.

Gemma Guilera talking about the technologies generally used in IoT solutions for city problems

This was the very first day of the São Paulo School of Advanced Science of Smart Cities, mostly including introduction and contextualization of Smart Cities nowadays. Of course, there were breaks between the presentations in which we encouraged the talking across the attendees to promote the interaction of different ideas in the same area of IoT.


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