July 27th presentations

On July 27th morning, we had two presentations: one by Nuria Oliver about Big Mobile Data for Urban Computing and the other one was about Security and Privacy in Content-Centric Networking given by Gene Tsudik.

Nuria explained the study of big mobile data to predict crimes and talked of a study that her group did in the Bogotá city.

Gene explained what is Content-Centric Networking (CCN) and presented a CCN network simulation.


Gene Tsudik presentation

After lunch, we had Birds of a Feather where the participants were divided into groups by interests to create an interesting opportunity to grow networks and exchange ideas. The groups were:

  • Big data processing
  • Citizen Participation
  • City Simulation
  • Health
  • Machine Learning
  • Mobility Dataset: analysis and applications
  • Network Protocols (Wireless)
  • Privacy
  • Smart Cities Platforms (Software)


Citizen participation group (in the front) and Network Protocols (behind).

Afterward, Marco Aurélio Gerosa and Ana Paula Chaves talked about chatbot.


Marco Aurélio and Ana Paula presentation

After the break, Arthur Del Esposte presented InterSCity architecture and some applications.


Arthur Del Esposte presentation

And in the last, but not least, presentation, Fabio Kon talked a little bit about research opportunities in InterSCity (Future Internet and Smart Cities Research Project).

As social events, we had the recreational run (or walk for some of the participants). Those who ran could see some capybaras.


Recreational Run


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