July 25th presentations

In the second day of School of Advanced Science on Smart Cities we had many activities: lightning talks, presentations, panel and social activities. In the beginning of the day we had some  lightning talks where students presented their research in order to try to find possible contributors.

After we had Fabio Kon’s presentation about trends, research and challenges on Smart Cities called “Recent Trends and Research Challenges in Smart City Research”. A reference architecture was presented to elucidate some concepts and ideas.


Gemma Guilera continued her innovation course on smart cities, called “From Research to Innovation in a Smart Cities Ecosystem”. The importance of a human centric development was highlighted by her. She presented some cases of innovative ideas in Belo Horizonte which intend to improve the quality of citizens’ life in a near future.


In the afternoon Mischa Dohler also continued his course about wireless, IoT and smart cities, called “You Wireless Guide to the Internet of Things & Smart Cities”. He continued presenting some concepts and emphasized the Internet of Skills idea, where the Internet should allow people to do things better.


The panel related to startups and smart cities was the last, but not least. A “round table” was formed by entrepreneurs and investor, they discussed about the first step for the ones that intend to go this way and how to scale their ideas. Each of the entrepreneurs tell us a bit of their stories. OnBoard Mobility, Scipopulis and Logbee were the startups present in our panel.


After all these activities we had a social one, everybody went to the Boteco! We ate a lot of meat, sausage, roasted chicken and cheese. But the best part was the Caipirinha! We definitely had a lot of fun!



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