August 02nd presentations

On August 02nd we had the eighth day of the School of Advanced Science on Smart Cities.

The day started with the third part of the Data Mining for Social and Cyber Physical Systems course presented by Professor Wagner Meira Jr. from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG). He returned to the subject of data classifiers, such as  Bayes Classifiers and K-Nearest Neighbors Classifier. In addition, the professor presented the example of detecting dengue hotspots in cities using Twitter data.

In the following, Professor Thais Batista from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) started the first part of its short course – Platforms for Smart Cities Application Development. In addition to reinforcing the key concepts of smart cities, Thais Batista presented the OpenIoT platform, an open-source solution that can be used in research and development on smart cities.

The third course of the day was presented by Professor Kiev Gama from Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE). He continued developing the ideas around civic hacking in the last part of his course, From Urban Data Flows and Civic Hacking to a Smart City Software Ecosystem, highlighting the importance of open data to empower citizens, enable hackathons and support the development of new solutions for the social good.

During the afternoon break, we took the official photo of the event!

The day ended with a panel on issues Software Engineering related to smart cities. The panel was composed of professors Fabio Kon, Thais Batista, Alfredo Goldman, Cláudia Medeiros, and Kiev Gama. They discussed the following questions:

  • How to scale the software infrastructure?
  • Who is the client of future smart cities?
  • How to allow a minimum degree of privacy?
  • How to build systems composed of humans, services and “things”?
  • How to allow thousands of people developing systems that must be integrated in a complex manner?
  • How to deal with the explosive in the degree of distribution and heterogeneity?



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