July 31th presentations

On July 31st we had the sixth day of the School of Advanced Science on Smart Cities.



We started with Marcos Gerhardt Lindenmayer from the General Ombudsman’s Office, talking about research opportunities on this line of work, immediately followed by Eduardo Marques from CEM(Centro de Estudos Metropolitanos). He presented the CEM website and the research they do, bringing together humanities and data science.

After the first coffee break, Gene Tsudik, from UCI, Now, came back for one last show, he took the time to explain how the CCN( Content Centric Network)  would be protected in case of adversaries trying to spy on someone’s life. He explains the techniques that could be used to better protect the anonymity of the consumer, how direct communication would be more secure and how a denial of service attacks could occur on a CCN.



After Lunch, Antônio Alfredo Loureiro, from UFMG discussed for the next four hours( with a coffee break in between). He continued to show how can participative sensitive networks work in the current political and social environments.




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