July 26th presentations

On July 26th we had the third day of the School of Advanced Science on Smart Cities.

We started with Cristina Lopes, the title of her presentation was “Simulating Cities: The Spacetime Framework” and she talked about technologies and challenges to simulate big cities.  Cristina also showed interesting simulations of transport systems such as trains and cars.


Cristina Lopes remote presentation

In the afternoon, we had Claudio Silva presentation, the title of his presentation was “Analysis and Visualization of Urban Data” and he showed many use cases of the use of data gethered from the city such as the project Sounds of New York City and the data from the taxis from New York.


Claudio Silva presentation

The last session of the day was a Panel about Privacy, the panel started with Gisele Craveiro presentation about her work.


Gisele Craveiro

In the end, Gisele, Fabio Kon, and Gene Tsudik discussed about privacy problems, spacially in Smart Cities.


Gisele, Fabio, and Gene



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